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documenting my journey to healthy living

recap: week 1

sunday is supposed to be my weekly check-in day at the start of a new week – sorry!

anyways, on sunday i weighed in at 198.6, so i have made progress in my first week!

my food journal has been helping me assess my eating habits and get on track.  i was pretty good about planning out meals this week, which i usually do anyways because we are so busy with school and work, and i have gotten in the habit of prepping at least a few crock pots dinners each week.  here are a few of the recipes i tried out: corncakes with tomato and avocado and orange chicken.  sunday was easter and i cooked a fresh meal of baked pork chops, potato wedges, and sauteed spinach.  for dessert we had cherry pie – though not a healthy recipe, it is pretty standard at my family’s easter dinner table.  even though we spent easter on our own, i decided to make it, i had a tiny slice and enjoyed it ohsomuch.

working out this week was very consistent for me!  i walked with my law school friend L on two occasions, walked on my own a few times, and played a little tennis with my husband.  at the week 1 walking stage, i don’t really get tired, although i did feel a little soreness on friday after a few long walks and a day of chores!  i tried to exercise as frequently as possible this week, which i think helped kick things off to a good start and made up for a few eating mishaps (a yummy pasta dinner at brixx + drinks out in celebration of my bar results = a few more calories than i would have preferred).

challenges this week: temptations presented by easter candy that my wonderful husband bought for me (reese’s eggs and ferrero rocher, he knows me too well), rain which kept me inside on one of the days i had slated to walk, an achy knee (i used to have a pretty rough time with my knees when i played tennis in high school, but haven’t had difficulty with it since despite some periods of heavy working out, so i’m hoping that ice and stretching will keep it in check)

strengths this week: several good long walks at a pretty brisk pace, keeping it together despite said candy and dessert treats, finding healthy and yummy recipes (I ALMOST FORGOT, go make this yummy spinach and cream cheese mushroom appetizer right now!, another good recipe find which isn’t too bad on calories especially if you have just a couple), purchase of a reliable new scale with a wedding gift card we had not used (the $10 non-digital thing i’ve had for years wasn’t cutting it), finding a hilarious website to make me laugh a lot when i’m feeling grumpy (here is an appropriately themed one = me in near future).

well…that’s all folks.  full day tomorrow starting with my second run/walk of week 2.



rules of the road.

today, i woke up a little late (sleeping in after a late night out celebrating positive bar results!) and then headed over to a nearby parkway for a walk with one of my favorite law school buddies. we are both trying to exercise more and i enjoy the time catching up, too. we walked about 3 miles in less than an hour and are meeting same time, same place tomorrow!  long weekends are nice because it is a lot easier to fit in exercise.

i want to share with you a little about my fitness and healthy eating plan and the tools that i am using to achieve it!  thankfully, there is so much on the internet these days, that i don’t think i will ever be at a loss for ideas for new workouts, yummy recipes, and the like, so now it is time to put in action.

getting fit plan:

to get fit i’m going to use a fitness plan/book from runner’s world called Run Your Butt Off. the basic idea is that running is one of the most efficient ways of losing weight, and if you build up your time and mileage in the right way, you will learn to enjoy running and won’t burn out quickly. there are 12 stages, starting with week 1, where i am walking 4 times a week for 30 minutes each, until week 12 where i’ll have built up to 30 minutes of running 4 times a week.  as the book suggests, i’m starting slow, and even when i’m “running” it will be a slow jog.  i will extend some stages if needed so i don’t move on to the next stage before i’m ready.

i’m logging all my eating and exercise on My Fitness Pal. they have an app for my iphone which is super helpful, because i can input food throughout the day instead of waiting until the end of the day.

other tools:

  • this blog. while i don’t have much of a readership, i’m hoping that blogging about my healthy living journey will motivate me to stick to it.  i’ll try to blog as often as possible and include how i’m feeling, where i am with my workouts, good recipes i’ve found and other healthy eating tips, and anything else that is going on in this life of mine. my schedule is a little crazy at times over the next month with a work trip and conference which will keep me super busy for a few days, my cousin’s wedding, and family in town to celebrate my graduation and mother’s day.  hopefully with some thoughtful planning ahead of time (and probably some trial and error), i’ll be able to keep my workouts and eating in line.
  • friends, friends, friends, and my super hubby. everyone gets bored with exercise once in a while and setting a date to exercise with a friend will probably be necessary at times to get my butt out the door.  i’m planning to do two of my workouts each week with either a friend or my husband.
  • blogs & pinterest.  i’ve been scouring the internet for healthy recipes and inspirational weight loss stories and have found some GREAT tips, yummy recipes, and really encouraging blogs by others who have gone on a weight loss journey and come out successful at the other end!

  • changing scenery.  i have a couple of walking/running routes near my house, but there are also several other spots – a couple near work, one park where i’ll be meeting my friend often, and a weekend running route at a forest trail at a local university about 5 miles from my house – where i’ll be working out to keep it interesting.  when it gets too hot in the summer, i’ll likely have to do at least some running on either the indoor track or a treadmill at the campus gym i use.  i want to train myself to run outside because i’m intrigued by the possibility of running races in the future, but north carolina humidity ain’t conducive to outdoor running on the hot days of summer.
  • other workouts. i’ll be keeping fresh with occasional tennis (i played in high school, and haven’t lost the fundamentals but don’t have the sharpest game to say the least) and classes at the gym i go to (zumba, kickboxing, etc.).

well, that’s all for now, folks.  other than my walk, i’ve been cleaning house and cooking all day in preparation for the easter weekend, so it’s time to put my feet up with some hot tea and trash tv.  fashion police or 16 and pregnant?  tough choice, we’ll see where the night takes us.

you are the only thing standing in your way.

after a whirlwind couple of months that included graduating from law school, taking the bar exam, and getting married to my best friend, life has slowed down. the kind of slow which makes you realize all the things you have closed your eyes to. for a long time.

i am a happy person. and i love my life. i have an amazingly wonderful family who gives me so much strength, encouragement and support, like my own personal cheerleading team. i have beautiful, ambitious and motivated friends who have the kind of passion for life that is a reminder of what we’re all doing here. i live in a place that helps me thrive. and despite our busy schedules, i spend time each day hugging my silly-sweet husband who has promised to go on this crazy ride with me. needless to say, in many ways, my cup is full.

photo credit.

that may be why it has taken me so long to realize that getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is also important.  and i should care enough about myself and my body to devote time and energy each day to that goal. i haven’t been happy with my image for a while. i was probably always at least a little overweight. in high school, i noticed it more and tried to fix it. and in college, the pounds slowly added on. and after college, work was so busy. and in law school…well, its law school. sometimes i have worked toward being more healthy, but i have never pursued healthy living with any consistency. i was never so unhealthy that i couldn’t go to the gym and get on a machine and feel a little better for the day. but i was never so healthy that i could put on my tennis shoes and go for a run without stopping constantly.

i want to be healthy and feel fit. i want to harness all the strength i have and build up more strength. i want to look in the mirror and see that strength and know that i’m doing what i can to keep myself in shape. and i want to be able to pull on those running shoes on a nice day, hit the trail, and get my heart racing.  i’m pumped to start this journey and hoping to take you along….and i won’t be standing in the way any longer.

so here are the details:

photo credit.

goal: to get to a healthy weight while developing sustainable eating and exercise habits.  i’ll be adding some fun fitness goals along the way…a 5K here and a 10K there….


  • current weight: 202.6
  • waist: 37 inches
  • chest: 44 inches
  • hips: 46 inches
  • thigh: 26 inches

initial goal weight: 160 (though i hope to reassess my goals later, i chose 160 as my initial goal weight as it would put me at a healthy BMI)

look for my next post about the tools i’m using to get there and my weight loss and healthy living plan…. 🙂