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recap: week 4

current weight: 194.2 (!) down from 196.2 last week.  i saw that number and thought my eyes were playing games with me!  i’ll likely be in the gym later in the week so i will check it against their fancier scale…

strengths: meal planning! my best friend mel who is a vegetarian and often cooks vegan for her husband passed along a WEALTH of recipes to me that she uses and this motivated me to plan a variety of healthy veggie and meaty meals for the week ahead including a spicy veggie chili and a yummy penne with a roasted red pepper and goat cheese sauce and spinach and tomatoes thrown in.  i’m continuing to have a small portion of sweets and treats when i want them so long as it fits within my calorie/fat intake for the day, and honestly, i think this is helping me.  while i want to change my eating habits and think strongly about reaching for the cookie jar (or wine rack!), i doubt i would be successful at cutting these indulgences out altogether, and if i tried, i would end up GORGING myself the next time i had a chance.

challenges: eating out, of course!  i met my friend j for a margarita on monday night in celebration of law school ending (i already finished but most of my class is graduating in may and finished this week).  one margarita turned into a margarita and chips which turned into a dinner feast complete with salsa and cheese dip, and a cheese covered chicken enchilada with refried beans and rice.  since i have been eating pretty reasonably for the last month or so, the disgustingly overfull feeling i had when i left the restaurant was reminiscent of my old eating habits and a reminder to shape up!  i really did feel gross, and i thought about how i could have saved half my meal for later, stopped eating the chips, or left off the gooey mess of cheese.  another challenge this week was running with my hubby.  i love the boy, but i ain’t up to his speed yet and he whined at having to stop for the interval walks.  he is generally very supportive, but clearly did not realize when i asked if he wanted to join me what my plan and speed really meant.  i’m looking forward to running with him when we are closer to each other’s speed and able to meet in the middle a little more.  for now, we’ll stick to tennis dates 🙂

the week ahead: week 5 of run your butt off is pushing me to a workout of four intervals of 2 1/2 minute walks followed by 5 minute jogs.  i tackled my first workout this afternoon in the sunny and breezy weather.  i was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my first workout of week 5 went – i didn’t really feel winded at all.  i was also able to cover more ground – 2.22 miles in 31 minutes.  i know this is still snail’s pace compared to most runners, but i felt great afterwards.  the last 5 minute interval was the only time it hit me – mostly, i think, because it was poorly timed to be up a hill, ick.  this week i created an ipod playlist of running songs which were the length of each interval so i didn’t have to keep checking my watch.  i’m positive that this was a big factor in my attitude because it kept me focused on the run and not the amount of time i had left.  normally i look like a total klutz as i attempt to check my watch while continuing to successfully move one foot in front of the other without tripping, so that’s another plus.

looking forward to the week ahead and hoping my positive eating habits stay afloat on my two-day work trip across NC!


recap: week 3

time for a week 3 recap!  i’m feeling good on this dreary sunday morning.  ready to hit the ground running with a little workout, clean house, and send off more job applications (story of my life).  but for now….

current weight: 196.2 down from 196.8 last sunday.

strengths: the extra minutes of running felt good this week…i’m ready to ratchet it up and really get running!  at the last minute, i decided to go spectate at a rugged maniac race – my friends were signed up to run and it sounded like fun!  i thought about joining in, but i’m not really ready, and it was expensive because it would have been a late registration, and i don’t have health insurance so it would have been a bad life choice had i broken my ankle or face or something.  it was fun to go though, and the upside is that i am motivated to do it in the future!  all the runners looked like total bad asses when they crossed the finish line soaked with mud!  i think it’d be fun to sign up with a group of friends and dress up and enjoy the race together.

weaknesses: i think i hit a bit of a wall with eating this week.  i started the week out just fine. on thursday night, i came home to an empty fridge and enjoyed too much dessert with my yummy and nutritious soup and salad.  on friday, i met a friend for coffee and couldn’t resist the pastry and then went out for dinner and enjoyed WAY too many nachos!  i mean, i felt bad while i was doing it knowing i would later enter into my food journal the bajillion extra calories and feel guilty all over again.  because of this, i wasn’t expecting much in the way of weight loss this week, and the proof is in the numbers as i didn’t lose this much this week compared to last week.  these types of lapses are something i’m working on but will continue to be a weakness of mine when i go out to eat and slide back into bad habits.

looking to the week ahead, i’m ready to work on 3 minutes walk/3 minutes run workouts!

photo from one of my fave fitness blogs, Our Time to Change

recap: week 1

sunday is supposed to be my weekly check-in day at the start of a new week – sorry!

anyways, on sunday i weighed in at 198.6, so i have made progress in my first week!

my food journal has been helping me assess my eating habits and get on track.  i was pretty good about planning out meals this week, which i usually do anyways because we are so busy with school and work, and i have gotten in the habit of prepping at least a few crock pots dinners each week.  here are a few of the recipes i tried out: corncakes with tomato and avocado and orange chicken.  sunday was easter and i cooked a fresh meal of baked pork chops, potato wedges, and sauteed spinach.  for dessert we had cherry pie – though not a healthy recipe, it is pretty standard at my family’s easter dinner table.  even though we spent easter on our own, i decided to make it, i had a tiny slice and enjoyed it ohsomuch.

working out this week was very consistent for me!  i walked with my law school friend L on two occasions, walked on my own a few times, and played a little tennis with my husband.  at the week 1 walking stage, i don’t really get tired, although i did feel a little soreness on friday after a few long walks and a day of chores!  i tried to exercise as frequently as possible this week, which i think helped kick things off to a good start and made up for a few eating mishaps (a yummy pasta dinner at brixx + drinks out in celebration of my bar results = a few more calories than i would have preferred).

challenges this week: temptations presented by easter candy that my wonderful husband bought for me (reese’s eggs and ferrero rocher, he knows me too well), rain which kept me inside on one of the days i had slated to walk, an achy knee (i used to have a pretty rough time with my knees when i played tennis in high school, but haven’t had difficulty with it since despite some periods of heavy working out, so i’m hoping that ice and stretching will keep it in check)

strengths this week: several good long walks at a pretty brisk pace, keeping it together despite said candy and dessert treats, finding healthy and yummy recipes (I ALMOST FORGOT, go make this yummy spinach and cream cheese mushroom appetizer right now!, another good recipe find which isn’t too bad on calories especially if you have just a couple), purchase of a reliable new scale with a wedding gift card we had not used (the $10 non-digital thing i’ve had for years wasn’t cutting it), finding a hilarious website to make me laugh a lot when i’m feeling grumpy (here is an appropriately themed one = me in near future).

well…that’s all folks.  full day tomorrow starting with my second run/walk of week 2.