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you are the only thing standing in your way.

after a whirlwind couple of months that included graduating from law school, taking the bar exam, and getting married to my best friend, life has slowed down. the kind of slow which makes you realize all the things you have closed your eyes to. for a long time.

i am a happy person. and i love my life. i have an amazingly wonderful family who gives me so much strength, encouragement and support, like my own personal cheerleading team. i have beautiful, ambitious and motivated friends who have the kind of passion for life that is a reminder of what we’re all doing here. i live in a place that helps me thrive. and despite our busy schedules, i spend time each day hugging my silly-sweet husband who has promised to go on this crazy ride with me. needless to say, in many ways, my cup is full.

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that may be why it has taken me so long to realize that getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is also important.  and i should care enough about myself and my body to devote time and energy each day to that goal. i haven’t been happy with my image for a while. i was probably always at least a little overweight. in high school, i noticed it more and tried to fix it. and in college, the pounds slowly added on. and after college, work was so busy. and in law school…well, its law school. sometimes i have worked toward being more healthy, but i have never pursued healthy living with any consistency. i was never so unhealthy that i couldn’t go to the gym and get on a machine and feel a little better for the day. but i was never so healthy that i could put on my tennis shoes and go for a run without stopping constantly.

i want to be healthy and feel fit. i want to harness all the strength i have and build up more strength. i want to look in the mirror and see that strength and know that i’m doing what i can to keep myself in shape. and i want to be able to pull on those running shoes on a nice day, hit the trail, and get my heart racing.  i’m pumped to start this journey and hoping to take you along….and i won’t be standing in the way any longer.

so here are the details:

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goal: to get to a healthy weight while developing sustainable eating and exercise habits.  i’ll be adding some fun fitness goals along the way…a 5K here and a 10K there….


  • current weight: 202.6
  • waist: 37 inches
  • chest: 44 inches
  • hips: 46 inches
  • thigh: 26 inches

initial goal weight: 160 (though i hope to reassess my goals later, i chose 160 as my initial goal weight as it would put me at a healthy BMI)

look for my next post about the tools i’m using to get there and my weight loss and healthy living plan…. 🙂