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recap: week 4

current weight: 194.2 (!) down from 196.2 last week.  i saw that number and thought my eyes were playing games with me!  i’ll likely be in the gym later in the week so i will check it against their fancier scale…

strengths: meal planning! my best friend mel who is a vegetarian and often cooks vegan for her husband passed along a WEALTH of recipes to me that she uses and this motivated me to plan a variety of healthy veggie and meaty meals for the week ahead including a spicy veggie chili and a yummy penne with a roasted red pepper and goat cheese sauce and spinach and tomatoes thrown in.  i’m continuing to have a small portion of sweets and treats when i want them so long as it fits within my calorie/fat intake for the day, and honestly, i think this is helping me.  while i want to change my eating habits and think strongly about reaching for the cookie jar (or wine rack!), i doubt i would be successful at cutting these indulgences out altogether, and if i tried, i would end up GORGING myself the next time i had a chance.

challenges: eating out, of course!  i met my friend j for a margarita on monday night in celebration of law school ending (i already finished but most of my class is graduating in may and finished this week).  one margarita turned into a margarita and chips which turned into a dinner feast complete with salsa and cheese dip, and a cheese covered chicken enchilada with refried beans and rice.  since i have been eating pretty reasonably for the last month or so, the disgustingly overfull feeling i had when i left the restaurant was reminiscent of my old eating habits and a reminder to shape up!  i really did feel gross, and i thought about how i could have saved half my meal for later, stopped eating the chips, or left off the gooey mess of cheese.  another challenge this week was running with my hubby.  i love the boy, but i ain’t up to his speed yet and he whined at having to stop for the interval walks.  he is generally very supportive, but clearly did not realize when i asked if he wanted to join me what my plan and speed really meant.  i’m looking forward to running with him when we are closer to each other’s speed and able to meet in the middle a little more.  for now, we’ll stick to tennis dates 🙂

the week ahead: week 5 of run your butt off is pushing me to a workout of four intervals of 2 1/2 minute walks followed by 5 minute jogs.  i tackled my first workout this afternoon in the sunny and breezy weather.  i was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my first workout of week 5 went – i didn’t really feel winded at all.  i was also able to cover more ground – 2.22 miles in 31 minutes.  i know this is still snail’s pace compared to most runners, but i felt great afterwards.  the last 5 minute interval was the only time it hit me – mostly, i think, because it was poorly timed to be up a hill, ick.  this week i created an ipod playlist of running songs which were the length of each interval so i didn’t have to keep checking my watch.  i’m positive that this was a big factor in my attitude because it kept me focused on the run and not the amount of time i had left.  normally i look like a total klutz as i attempt to check my watch while continuing to successfully move one foot in front of the other without tripping, so that’s another plus.

looking forward to the week ahead and hoping my positive eating habits stay afloat on my two-day work trip across NC!


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