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recap: week 3

time for a week 3 recap!  i’m feeling good on this dreary sunday morning.  ready to hit the ground running with a little workout, clean house, and send off more job applications (story of my life).  but for now….

current weight: 196.2 down from 196.8 last sunday.

strengths: the extra minutes of running felt good this week…i’m ready to ratchet it up and really get running!  at the last minute, i decided to go spectate at a rugged maniac race – my friends were signed up to run and it sounded like fun!  i thought about joining in, but i’m not really ready, and it was expensive because it would have been a late registration, and i don’t have health insurance so it would have been a bad life choice had i broken my ankle or face or something.  it was fun to go though, and the upside is that i am motivated to do it in the future!  all the runners looked like total bad asses when they crossed the finish line soaked with mud!  i think it’d be fun to sign up with a group of friends and dress up and enjoy the race together.

weaknesses: i think i hit a bit of a wall with eating this week.  i started the week out just fine. on thursday night, i came home to an empty fridge and enjoyed too much dessert with my yummy and nutritious soup and salad.  on friday, i met a friend for coffee and couldn’t resist the pastry and then went out for dinner and enjoyed WAY too many nachos!  i mean, i felt bad while i was doing it knowing i would later enter into my food journal the bajillion extra calories and feel guilty all over again.  because of this, i wasn’t expecting much in the way of weight loss this week, and the proof is in the numbers as i didn’t lose this much this week compared to last week.  these types of lapses are something i’m working on but will continue to be a weakness of mine when i go out to eat and slide back into bad habits.

looking to the week ahead, i’m ready to work on 3 minutes walk/3 minutes run workouts!

photo from one of my fave fitness blogs, Our Time to Change


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