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true confession tuesday.

in hopes of keeping up frequent blog posts, i’m starting true confession tuesdays with several “confessions” for the week and at least one will be fitness/nutrition related!

1. this weekend i finished catching fire and i’m halfway through mockingjay!  excited to go see hungergames when i finish them up with my friend LJ….and then wait 2 years to see the next installment.

2. i am thankful that i now get the katniss jokes i’ve seen flying around the interwebs.  see here, and here.

3. i am sort of appalled by the fact that a roll of polaroid film, so you can take 10 pictures, is $11!  please, someone else, confirm that this is crazy. i won a polaroid camera in a giveaway a few weeks ago, and it came with one roll.  i’m having fun taking some photos with it so far.  cheese!

4. i watched walk to remember the other day.  hubs came home to me brushing away a few tears.  we both laughed.  mandy moore anyone?

5. my all-time favorite dance song: ODB, got your money.  it’s probably pretty important that you know this if you invite me to your house for a party.  just sayin.

6. my favorite guilty pleasure food: queso and chips!  if you only had a bite, i suppose it isn’t the worst thing you could eat, but we all know those chips are bottomless.  high in fat, sodium, carbs, calories, etc.  even kourtney kardashian can’t get enough. i feel ya, girl.


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