running right now

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recap: week 2

time for another check-in!

this morning i weighed in at 196.8 from 198.6 last week!

strengths this week: i am getting in work-outs almost every day.  i’m continuing to follow the run your butt off plan which suggests four workouts, but i have been going for longer walks on my off-days.  unlike when i was studying for the bar, i’m also just walking a lot more generally – i park several blocks away from the building where i work and am also up and about more as we move into warm weather. doing a little better about drinking water, especially when i’m sitting at my desk at work where i always have a full cup….and i found some diet snapple and pink lemonade mix-ins at the back of my pantry so i enjoy one of those occasionally as well to mix it up.

challenges this week: pollen. sun. heat.  i’m such a warm weather wimp. you’d think after living in NC for 15+ years i’d be able to handle it.  and it’s only april!  eek. so far the pollen is what has been getting me the most as it gets all screwy with my contacts.  BLEH. i might start moving some of my workouts inside so i can transition easily when it gets for real hot and i am forced to head inside to the gym.  i have also had some late night calorie add-ons that i could have avoided – beer, snacking while watching tv, having a snack when i get home late after drinking beer.  i think my goal for this week is that when i have a late night craving to give in but only with something that is at least still decently healthy (fruit, apple sauce, yogurt, almonds, etc).


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