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farmer’s market spoils.

after a long walk with my friend L on saturday morning, i wandered over to the local farmer’s market.  i happened upon this post on vegan yum yum a few days ago and have been itching to try some fried green tomatoes ever since.  i didn’t realize that a grocery store or even our local co-op wouldn’t have green tomatoes, so after looking at several stores, i’m glad i found the prettiest lookin’ green tomatoes at the market.  i also splurged on some chevre goat’s milk cheese to top it off.

the recipe is delish and easy on the calories.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it. and making it again soon!

i’m on the hunt for more vegetarian recipes – not because i really want to be a vegetarian, but because i think mixing in more creative veggie recipes will likely result in us eating more veggies and less fat.  this was an exciting start!  here are some good veggie blogs i’ve found….

Vegan Yum Yum – all vegan recipes, good place to find replacements for your favorite recipes that have eggs or meat

Post Punk Kitchen – also all vegan recipes, i want to try the mango fried rice and the red lentil thai chili

Veggie Belly – good recipes with international flair from someone raised vegetarian


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