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today, i woke up a little late (sleeping in after a late night out celebrating positive bar results!) and then headed over to a nearby parkway for a walk with one of my favorite law school buddies. we are both trying to exercise more and i enjoy the time catching up, too. we walked about 3 miles in less than an hour and are meeting same time, same place tomorrow!  long weekends are nice because it is a lot easier to fit in exercise.

i want to share with you a little about my fitness and healthy eating plan and the tools that i am using to achieve it!  thankfully, there is so much on the internet these days, that i don’t think i will ever be at a loss for ideas for new workouts, yummy recipes, and the like, so now it is time to put in action.

getting fit plan:

to get fit i’m going to use a fitness plan/book from runner’s world called Run Your Butt Off. the basic idea is that running is one of the most efficient ways of losing weight, and if you build up your time and mileage in the right way, you will learn to enjoy running and won’t burn out quickly. there are 12 stages, starting with week 1, where i am walking 4 times a week for 30 minutes each, until week 12 where i’ll have built up to 30 minutes of running 4 times a week.  as the book suggests, i’m starting slow, and even when i’m “running” it will be a slow jog.  i will extend some stages if needed so i don’t move on to the next stage before i’m ready.

i’m logging all my eating and exercise on My Fitness Pal. they have an app for my iphone which is super helpful, because i can input food throughout the day instead of waiting until the end of the day.

other tools:

  • this blog. while i don’t have much of a readership, i’m hoping that blogging about my healthy living journey will motivate me to stick to it.  i’ll try to blog as often as possible and include how i’m feeling, where i am with my workouts, good recipes i’ve found and other healthy eating tips, and anything else that is going on in this life of mine. my schedule is a little crazy at times over the next month with a work trip and conference which will keep me super busy for a few days, my cousin’s wedding, and family in town to celebrate my graduation and mother’s day.  hopefully with some thoughtful planning ahead of time (and probably some trial and error), i’ll be able to keep my workouts and eating in line.
  • friends, friends, friends, and my super hubby. everyone gets bored with exercise once in a while and setting a date to exercise with a friend will probably be necessary at times to get my butt out the door.  i’m planning to do two of my workouts each week with either a friend or my husband.
  • blogs & pinterest.  i’ve been scouring the internet for healthy recipes and inspirational weight loss stories and have found some GREAT tips, yummy recipes, and really encouraging blogs by others who have gone on a weight loss journey and come out successful at the other end!

  • changing scenery.  i have a couple of walking/running routes near my house, but there are also several other spots – a couple near work, one park where i’ll be meeting my friend often, and a weekend running route at a forest trail at a local university about 5 miles from my house – where i’ll be working out to keep it interesting.  when it gets too hot in the summer, i’ll likely have to do at least some running on either the indoor track or a treadmill at the campus gym i use.  i want to train myself to run outside because i’m intrigued by the possibility of running races in the future, but north carolina humidity ain’t conducive to outdoor running on the hot days of summer.
  • other workouts. i’ll be keeping fresh with occasional tennis (i played in high school, and haven’t lost the fundamentals but don’t have the sharpest game to say the least) and classes at the gym i go to (zumba, kickboxing, etc.).

well, that’s all for now, folks.  other than my walk, i’ve been cleaning house and cooking all day in preparation for the easter weekend, so it’s time to put my feet up with some hot tea and trash tv.  fashion police or 16 and pregnant?  tough choice, we’ll see where the night takes us.


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